Technical Barriers to Trade in the event of No Deal: Notified Bodies (3/4): Current ‘grace period’ arrangements for medical devices (3c).

The European Commission announced in January 2018 that certificates issued by UK Notified Bodies will lose their validity immediately upon the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, in the absence of transitional arrangements. In my last post, I pointed to Commission guidance that certificates issued by a Notified Body should not lose their validity immediately in the event that it ceased operation, and asked why it was adopting a different approach with respect to UK Notified Bodies and Brexit. In this post, I describe the detailed arrangements that are currently in place to allow medical devices to continue to be marketed in the EU for a ‘grace period’ when a Notified Body ceases operation, and ask whether there is any good reason why similar arrangements should not be adopted in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

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