Construction product Notified Bodies: 1) Element Warrington and other Element NBs in the UK.

I have been examining the question of EU27 market access in the event of No Deal for manufacturers of products which are certified by UK Notified Bodies. In this article I first describe the role of Notified Bodies in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), and identify prominent UK NBs through a search for Certificates and Declarations of Performance. Having found more products certified by Warringtonfire than any other UK NB, I examine the steps taken by its parent Element Materials Technology Ltd to ensure continued EU27 market access in the event of a No Deal Brexit for the three UK construction product NBs that it owns. I show that the Notified Body activities of Element’s new Dutch NB will continue to be undertaken primarily at Warringtonfire’s laboratory. Taking the products found in the search as examples, I check the scope of Element’s new Dutch Notified Body to ascertain whether it should be possible for manufacturers to transfer their Notified Body to the Netherlands in what is essentially an administrative process.

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