We have become shackled, and even partially enslaved, to what Professor David Middelton of Cranfield School of Management has called an ‘alien tyranny’. 1


Now we have an opportunity, on the 23rd of June this year, to break free and recover our right to govern ourselves. It is an opportunity not to be missed, and it behoves us not to be passive in this hour, but to stir ourselves and apply ourselves to the task of winning the referendum.

We who are making this appeal do not claim to be experts in the field, but are simply seeking to act in this moment of decision with a sense of responsibility for the future of our nation. We are not blind to the potential pitfalls and difficulties of disentangling ourselves from the mesh of relationships and commitments that our nation has entered into since joining the European Community in 1973, and we are grateful that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty offers a mechanism for an orderly departure. We do not bear any malice towards the EU organisation, nor of course to the nations that comprise it, and hope for good relations in the future. Indeed, we regret any disappointment we may cause to others by leaving, and especially so after the fulsome protestations of commitment to the European Community project made by our leaders at the time of our entry. We are an island nation, with a view to the open seas, and few of us really feel part of the Continent. This is a heart issue, it seems to us, as well as an economic and political one, and the British people have no desire to be integrated into a European community. It is not that we are insular, in an isolationist sense. On the contrary, we enjoy connections and relationships with nations and peoples in Europe and worldwide. This is our future, to be a free people in our own land, but involved constructively and creatively in the wider world.

Please join us then in fighting for our nation’s freedom. There are powerful forces at work, and interests in play, that would hold us to the system of control that we have been caught in. Scaremongering is a potent weapon in their hands, and we need to counter the dire warnings with sober arguments and reliable facts. Truth is on our side, and so we must be careful to avoid exaggeration, and not dismiss real concerns with empty reassurances and vain promises. Leaving the EU will not be without difficulty, and it is better to face up to the potential problems, and propose ways of tackling and solving them, than to pretend they are imaginary. Remaining in the EU would not be an easy road either, and indeed excessive immigration from EU countries is a real and present danger to our way of life. As well as the pressure on services, there is a loss of social cohesion and sense of community, which is hard to recover once it is broken. We love our nation, for all its faults, in its distinctiveness, and think that it has something of its own to contribute, neither more nor less than other nations, with their own history, culture and traditions. No doubt we are all immigrants, or descended from immigrants, but there is a scale of immigration which is beyond our capacity to absorb while maintaining our unity as a nation. It is this that we need to warn against, and not fear the accusation of racism, which is far from our hearts and minds.

This blog is intended to be a tool in the hands of those who are contending for victory in the battle ahead. Our weapons are truth, careful argument, and a vision for the future. Let us not be negligent in our duty to preserve the liberty that our forefathers fought and laid down their lives for. Our case is strong and the battle can be won, but the case has to be made and the battle fought. Do not leave the work to others, but may each play their part.

Andrew and Alison Chapman


  1. David Myddelton, The Market Process versus the Political Process, in Saying ‘No’ to the Single Market (Bruges Group, 2013) p. 12.

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