Why does BSI Netherlands have a more limited scope of notification, under the Construction Products Regulation, than BSI UK?

(Continuing my series on the efforts being made by UK Notified Bodies to establish operations in the EU27, to enable transfer of certificates and continued market access in the event of No Deal.)

I attempted in my last post through searches for Declarations of Performance and Certificates issued under the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR) to identify prominent UK construction products Notified Bodies (NBs). First on the list was Element Warrington, which I examined in that post along with other UK NBs owned by Element Materials Technology Ltd. In this article I turn my attention to BSI Assurance UK Ltd, Notified Body 0086, which was the NB for three products out of twenty-four found in the searches. It is notified under fourteen Directives or Regulations, including the CPR:

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