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The transfer of CML’s ATEX certificates to the Netherlands

As I described in my last post, all eight UK ATEX Notified Bodies have taken steps to establish an ATEX NB operation in the EU27, and so far five of them have completed the process, beginning with Certification Management Limited (CML), while the remaining three are only one short step away from doing so. In this article, I outline in a little more detail the establishment of CML B.V. (Netherlands) as an EU Notified Body, and attempt where possible to trace the transfer of certificates to it from CML UK or other UK NBs.

Certification Management Limited was taken over by Eurofins Scientific (headquartered in Luxembourg) in January 2019, and is now called Eurofins E&E CML Limited. The Dutch CML B.V. is a subsidiary of the UK company. CML B.V. achieved accreditation by the Dutch Accreditation Council in March 2018:

to carry out a full range of conformity assessment procedures (continuing for 7 pages of the schedule) under the ATEX Directive:

CML BV became an ATEX Notified Body two months later on 17 May 2018:

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